Why this blog?

When I hit something hard to accomplish in life and the answer cannot be discovered easily, I feel the desire to help out. Most likely I am not the only one hitting such problems. I always thought to myself, “if only I had a blog to talk about those things…”

Maybe nobody will give a damn- or maybe someone will discover my blog by pure luck. In the end, I am happy to have the chance to help someone fix a problem when they reach a roadblock. If you find anything useful on this website, don’t hesitate to let me know! Shout out in a comment or write me an e-mail. It does encourage me to hear that I have been useful.

This is the main reason you will find a little bit of everything on this blog. I am passionate with technology, electronics, and barcodes, but I also enjoy doing some manual labor on my house, improving my AirBNB, etc.


About Me

I have worked at Microsoft for over 6 years. I am currently a web consultant. I enjoy anything that touches the web; I do prefer working with front end design but I am also proficient with back end coding. I enjoy my personal projects and like meeting new friends and business contacts. Visit my main website for consultation purposes. http://www.jsgoupil.com

My main project is Barcode Generator for PHP. When I have free time, I try to convert it into different programming languages.

I bought a house in Fremont in 2012 and have run an AirBNB since May 2014.

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